Privacy & Policy

This privacy policy constitutes the latest version published on the website www. bidrevenge .com and is intended for users, regardless of the access channel used, and extends to all domains of any level relating to bidrevenge .com and to any other domain in the availability of Bidrevenge Ltd , and does not extend to third party websites that may be consulted by users themselves through links. This version replaces the previous one and will be applied to all users existing on the date of publication as well as to new users who will access the site or register after the date of publication of this prior specific acceptance. With this document, in line with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679, the methods for collecting, using, processing and communicating the personal data of the user of our site are represented, meaning "personal data" any information concerning people physical identified or that can also be identified through other information and independently of the device and the channel used (for example, through an identification number or code, through association with online identifiers produced by the devices, applications, tools and protocols used, such as IP addresses, to temporary markers (cookies ) or other identifiers).

1. Owner and manager of the treatment

The Owner of the processing of personal data provided by the user through this site is Bidrevenge Ltd, United Kingdom); e.mail : info @ bidrevenge .com (from now on, for the sake of brevity, only Bidrevenge ) which manages it as owner of the website it self and which will process the data provided directly by users or through third parties or in any case acquired during execution of the service rendered and, in any case, within and within the limits of the relationship or relationships established with Bidrevenge itself.

2. Nature of the data processed

The personal data processed by Bidrevenge are:

‣ e- mail address provided by the user;

‣ mobile number (optional);

‣ photos or other images uploaded by the user on their profile;

‣ log data: username and password provided by the user at the time of registration and information on the devices used and on the IP address, date and time of access;

‣ personal data (name, surname, contact data and address for shipping only)

‣ location information (through the user's IP address or the GPS of the device used)

‣ any bank data (for example, coordinates or data credit card);

‣ any information acquired when verifying the identity of the user (for example, a copy and / or photo of one's identity document, passport or driving license if permitted by law; date of birth, address, telephone number ) ;

‣ data acquired at the time of sending a 'testimony' (see section Testimonials on the site) such as information, communications and / or any other data that the user decides to provide in this location by sending a video, a photo and / or written text.

‣ information on how the user uses the site (for example on the pages and contents displayed)

‣ information on the transactions made by the user on Bidrevenge and, therefore, information relating to the payment instruments used (with the relative date and now) and the amounts paid; to the holder of the credit card that may be used and to the relative expiry date or the current account that may be used to carry out the transfer; to the billing address provided by the user; to the email address linked to the PayPal account other elements referable however to the transaction.

‣ information collected through third-party cookies used by the website (see cook ie policy)

3. Purpose of the processing

User data are collected, used and stored by Bidrevenge exclusively for purposes directly connected and instrumental to the use of the website (for example, for registration purposes), its services and the purchase of products. through the site itself (in relation, therefore, to all the requirements necessary for the improvement, execution and control of the acquisitions and services rendered as well as for the fulfillment of the purchase contract eventually concluded), to allow Bidrevenge to improve your site, as well as for the fulfillment of the obligations established by law, by a regulation or by community legislation and for the exercise of your rights in court. Bidrevenge guarantees in any case the highest level of security in the management of the data.
In particular, it should be noted that the collection, use and storage of data has the following purposes:

‣ to allow access and use of the site and its services;

‣ to manage the programs, services and activities, including promotional ones, rendered;

‣ allow the execution of requests for services rendered by Bidrevenge (also, for example, in relation to any contact details and / or other information provided by the user for this purpose );

‣ allow the completion of the contract eventually concluded (also, for example, in relation to any contact details and / or other information provided by the user for this purpose);

‣ allow payments to be made;

‣ allow interaction with the site (for example, by sending 'testimonials' or requests for information) ‣ to provide assistance to users (both in relation to the services rendered and for each update or notice, including security, re account and site information); ‣ to improve and optimize the functionality of the site, also through the statistical analysis of the data collected; ‣ for security reasons and to prevent and evaluate the risks associated with the website; ‣ to detect and prevent fraud, collusion and any abuse related to the services rendered by the site; ‣ for the evaluation and solution of any safety problems; ‣ for any verification of the data provided by the user; ‣ for the eventual identification of the user ‣ for the solution of disputes with users or with third parties; ‣ to guarantee compliance with and application of the Terms and Conditions or any other policy adopted by the site; ‣ to allow, subject to consent, the sending of news letters, communications and commercial proposals relating to and / or connected to the services rendered through the indicated website; ‣ for the purpose of any transfer to third parties, subject to the express consent of the user for this purpose at the time of registration (e.g. for commercial purposes) ‣ to improve advertising services, possibly through profiling systems ‣ to fulfill legal obligations.

4. Use by minors

Bidrevenge does not deal with the date of minors. It should be noted that registration is allowed only to adult users according to the legislation applicable to them.
By accepting this privacy policy, the user declares to be of age according to the legislation applicable to him.

5. Provision of consent and communication of user data

Bidrevenge reminds users that by entering their data in the form on the website, they can accept, by means of a special tick, to receive from Bidrevenge , at the e-mail address or to the other contact details (home address; mobile number) provided here, newsletters, communications and commercial proposals relating to and / or connected to the services rendered through the indicated website. The user can deny the aforementioned authorization both initially, when entering data, and subsequently by requesting cancellation through the link at the bottom of the newsletter. The opposition thus expressed will make it impossible for Bidrevenge to provide its services.

The data thus collected (for example, e- mail address ) may also be transferred by Bidrevenge to third parties for commercial purposes and, therefore, when registering, the user is called to express his consent to receive at the e- mail address. email provided, newsletters, communications and commercial proposals also by third parties. Also for this hypothesis, the user can deny the aforementioned authorization both initially, when entering data, and subsequently by means of a specific request to be sent to the e-mail address assistance @ bidrevenge .com. The opposition thus expressed will make it impossible for Bidrevenge to provide the services.

With reference to the data registered by Bidrevenge , the user can exercise the rights recognized in his favor as specified in the following paragraphs.

It should also be noted that:

‣ some data (such as the username) may be shared by Bidrevenge with other users, such as, for example, during an auction or in the context of sharing the testimonials sent by the users themselves as well as the any photo or image of the user's profile;

‣ Bidrevenge may also communicate the personal data of the user strictly necessary (for example, personal data and / or delivery data) for the purpose of executing any contract concluded and / or for the provision of services connected and connected to subjects who they deal, for example, with shipping and rendering services to Bidrevenge In particular, the data may be disclosed to: (i) persons, companies or professional firms, which provide assistance, advice or collaboration to Bidrevenge in accounting, administrative, legal, tax and financial matters; ii ) subjects delegated and / or appointed by Bidrevenge to carry out the activities or part of the activities connected with the sales services, such as, for example, the user assistance service; iii ) the carriers responsible for shipping, delivery and possible return of the products purchased by the user; iv ) any other external collaborator to whom communication is necessary for the proper fulfillment of the obligations assumed by Bidrevenge with the user. ‣ Bidrevenge could also communicate the user's data, including personal data, to the Judicial Authority, to the Government Authority and to any Public Authority in general or to authorized third parties if the communication is necessary or in the event that is required to do so or authorized to do so by law (for example in the context of a legal proceeding; criminal investigations; to protect the rights of Bidrevenge and / or the user himself or other users).

6. Testimonials

By accepting this privacy policy, the user declares to accept and allow the use of their data relating to the sending of the so-called 'testimonials' (photos, videos, etc.) which, therefore, can be used from Bidrevenge also for marketing purposes and / or to improve and enhance its website.
By accepting this policy, you agree and therefore lends its consent to the sale by the Bidrevenge of the data also to third parties for commercial and / or advertising (including but not limited to, for spreading network and / or on TV channels and / or in print).
However, the user is invited to check what is specified in the Terms Conditions section of the Testimonials section.

7. Sensitive or judicial data

Bidrevenge does not deliberately collect sensitive data (ie data suitable to reveal racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership in parties, unions, associations or organizations religious, philosophical, political or trade union, as well as data suitable to reveal the state of health and sexual life) or judicial, therefore inviting the user not to provide this type of data through this website. In the event that the user voluntarily provides, via message entered in the form or within the video message, data considered sensitive and / or judicial concerning the user himself, Bidrevenge declares that in no case and for no reason will he make use of such data, otherwise inviting the user to send a specific declaration containing the consent to the treatment of the relative information to the e-mail address assistance @ bidrevenge .com.

8. Security measures

Bidrevenge declares to have adopted security measures aimed at minimizing the risks of destruction or loss, even accidental, of the data collected, unauthorized access or treatment not allowed or not in accordance with the indicated collection purposes in this Privacy Policy. However Bidrevenge cannot guarantee its users that the measures taken for the security of the website and the transmission of data and information on www. bidrevenge .com and / or on any channel and / or domain owned by Bidrevenge Ltd exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data. We therefore invite the user to make sure that his computer or mobile device used to access the aforementioned website is equipped with adequate software devices for the protection of the transmission of data on the network, both incoming and outgoing (such as updated antivirus systems) , and that the internet service provider used by the user has adopted suitable measures for the security of the transmission of data on the network (such as firewalls and spam filters). If the user has reason to believe that their credentials to access the account have been stolen, stolen or otherwise compromised, or if there is a suspect or unauthorized use of the Account, the user is invited to proceed immediately reported to the e-mail address assistance @ bidrevenge .com.

9. Retention of personal data


The processing of personal data collected will last no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected.

In particular, Bidrevenge applies the following data retention times:

(I) as regards the data collected to fulfill civil obligations, including disputes, they will be kept for a maximum period of ten years (10 years) according to the provisions of article 2946 et seq. of the civil code;

(II) as regards the data collected to fulfill tax and tax obligations, they will be kept for a maximum period of ten years (10 years) under the combined provisions of article 2946 et seq. of the civil code and of the Law n. 212/2000 (Statute of the Taxpayer);

(III) as regards marketing and profiling purposes , personal data (including, for example, data relating to online purchases) will be kept for a period of time not exceeding, respectively, twelve months (12 months) and twenty-four months (24 months) from their registration, unless their transformation into an anonymous form which does not allow, even indirectly or by connecting other databases, to identify the persons concerned (see. prov . of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data of 24 February 2005, web document No. 1103045, par.8);

(IV) as regards the purposes of security and prevention of computer and online fraud, personal data will be kept for a period of time not exceeding six months (6 months) from their registration.

At the end of the relative retention periods, the personal data provided by users that are no longer necessary (e.g. name, surname, tax code, account, nickname, telephone number, credit card data) will be deleted according to the provisions of the Regulation. (EU) no. 2016/679.

Furthermore Bidrevenge applies the provision pursuant to art. 17 of Regulation (EU) no. 2016/679 pursuant to which, in response to a request for deletion of the data, the data controller may legitimately continue to process the user's data for the fulfillment of legal obligations and for the assessment, exercise or defense of their rights in court.

10. Change of personal data

To ensure that the personal data provided is always accurate and up to date, however relevant and complete, Bidrevenge sent the user to report any changes made to the following email address: assistance @ bidrevenge .com or, in any case, according to the procedures better specified in the following article.

11. User rights

The user has the right to update or modify their data at any time by accessing their account. The user is solely responsible for the data provided and for any modification and / or integration of the same. In any case, Bidrevenge reserves the right to verify the identity of the user and the veracity of the data provided to protect their rights and / or those of the other users, also in order to prevent fraud or collusion and / or any other illegal conduct. .

Without prejudice to the actions that can be exercised directly through the settings of your Account, the user also has the following rights guaranteed by Bidrevenge :

‣ the user can request the correction of personal data that are inaccurate or incomplete and to which he does not have direct access through Account; ‣ the user can also ask to delete the personal information held by Bidrevenge and close his / her Account. In this case, it is understood that Bidrevenge will be able to keep certain data for the time strictly necessary according to needs related, for example, to: (i) fulfill any legal obligations (in relation, for example, to legal proceedings and / or legal investigations or in relation to tax obligations); ii ) guarantee and promote site security also for the hypothesis of detection of fraud and collusion; iii ) the use of programs aimed at guaranteeing the security of the site and which could lead to the storage of the data for a limited period of time.

‣ the user may also request a copy of the data held by Bidrevenge in digital format and / or request, if feasible, the transmission of such information to another service provider.

Utente the user who has given consent to the processing of his / her personal data, can at any time proceed to the relative revocation through the settings of his / her Account or by sending a communication to the e-mail address assistance @ bidrevenge .com in which it is specifically indicated every single consent subject to revocation. In any case, the legitimacy of the data processing carried out by Bidrevenge remains prior to the revocation.

‣ the user can also oppose the treatm ent of their personal data by Bidrevenge for certain purposes (for example, for profiling ) if such treatment is based on a legitimate interest. In this case, the user's personal data will no longer be processed by Bidrevenge for the aforementioned purposes, except for the existence of legitimate reasons to proceed with the processing or if such processing is necessary for the assessment, exercise or defense of a right in court.

All'utente the user is recognized as having the right to limit the methods used by Bidrevenge in the event of: (i) dispute over the accuracy of the data; ii ) opposition to the deletion of data as it is believed that the related processing has not been performed legitimately; iii ) in case of opposition to the treatment; iv ) if the user requests