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erms and Conditions



By using the Bidrevenge services , you accept the following Terms and Conditions and the way Bidrevenge operates. Terms and Conditions apply to the relationship between Bidrevenge Ltd , Londo n, United Kingdom , all the subsidiaries of Bidrevenge Ltd , www. Bidrevenge .com, and the end user, constituting the agreement and replacing all previous commitments and declarations, in written or oral form, between the user and Bidrevenge regarding the use of the systems and services offered. The information contained on the pages of www. Bidrevenge .com, like the "How it works" or "Help" sections, are recommendations only and are not intended as guidelines. Bidrevenge is not responsible for the actions of users or other people who have read or have been informed through other channels or other written material. Bidrevenge undertakes to follow and comply with local tax legislation for the sale of offer packages and goods in the countries in which it operates, such as the payment of VAT. Bidrevenge reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.



By accepting the Terms and Conditions and / or registering on Bidrevenge , you confirm the suitability to use Bidrevenge If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions, please do not use Bidrevenge and exit the pages of www. Bidrevenge .com. In case of access and / or using any service offered by Bidrevenge , you accept and are bound by these Terms and Conditions.



By accepting the Terms and Conditions and / or registering on Bidrevenge , you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age or of the required age, according to the applicable laws, for which you can engage in a binding contract.
By using Bidrevenge , you warrant that you have the rights, authority and ability to accept this agreement and to comply with all its Terms and Conditions.
By registering on Bidrevenge , users declare that they are legally able to sign binding contracts. Bidrevenge
employees and their family members cannot, under any circumstances, participate in auctions. The products and services are offered exclusively to private users, with the exclusion of all commercial dealers. A user cannot use any external software to automatically place bids at auctions. Bidrevenge reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disable accounts suspected of using such software.



Each user represents and warrants to be at least 18 years of age or the age required to use the services offered by Bidrevenge and then engage in a binding contract, according to the laws of the state of residence. To use the services, you must reside in a state or jurisdiction where Bidrevenge operates. Each account can only be used by the registering user and by no one else. All the information provided must be truthful, complete and correct, and it is necessary to immediately notify Bidrevenge of any modification of such information that may affect the service and its effectiveness. Only one account per person is allowed; if you try to open more than one account, the excess ones and also the main one, can be blocked or closed. In the registration process you will have to choose the username and password to login on Bidrevenge Bidrevenge reserves the right to limit the number of accounts per household at any time. You must choose a username that should in no way be offensive, indecent, misleading or misleading to other users or people. Nor can it be used to advertise or promote other websites or services, to provide links to other users. Bidrevenge reserves the right to change usernames for any reason and is the arbiter of any matter in this regard. The Bidrevenge Staff will never ask the user for any password in any form other than to log in to www. Bidrevenge .com. The user is solely responsible for keeping and protecting the password of his account. We advise you not to pass on the password to anyone, including Bidrevenge employees Accounts are transferable only in exceptional cases and at Bidrevenge's discretion Bidrevenge is not responsible for any abuse or improper use of the account by third parties due to the intentional or accidental disclosure of the access data.



You can make payments via PayPal , by credit card, prepaid card and debit card.
Your PayPal account or your card chosen for payment will be charged at the time of purchase.


Bets and Auto Bets

Users can bet manually by clicking on the " Bet " button or by using the automatic function called AutoPuntata The latter allows users to bet on an auction, even when they are offline or connected. For more information on the AutoPuntata , visit the "Help" section.
The bets are purchased in advance in the form of packages called Bundle Bets, participating in the betting auctions, or earned for free through the "Social Missions". When there are multiple accounts linked to a household, only one account per household will be able to get the "Social Missions" bets.
Bidrevenge reserves the right to offer different size stake packages at varying times. All bets played in an auction are returnable only through the Buy It Now feature.


How an auction works

Each bet made means that the price of the product on which the user decides to participate increases by € 0.01. Each new bet restores the remaining time for auction closing (usually between 5 and 30 seconds). When a bet is placed, it is deducted directly from the user's Bet balance. Bets made are non-refundable. The last user who places a bet within the time limit wins the auction, without relaunching by other users. To ensure that there are no other pending bets made before the auction expires, sometimes the system checks through the Control phase.
The bets become valid when they are entered in the Bidrevenge database and registered in the system. Bidrevenge is not responsible for interruptions in the connection of the user and / or errors that may occur in connection with this.


Buy it now option

In some auctions Bidrevenge offers users, in its sole discretion, the option "Buy it now". The "Buy it Now" allows the user to purchase the product offered at the auction at the indicated price and therefore to receive the return of all the bets used in the auction itself. The user can decide to interrupt participation in the auction at any time to take advantage of the "Buy it Now" and thus receive the product object of the auction and immediate credit of all the bets used. Returned bets are free bets.
When a user decides to purchase the product using the "Buy it now" option, he can no longer participate in the auction. Any AutoPuntata set for the auction will be canceled and the remaining bets previously indicated for the AutoPuntata will be returned to your account. The auction will continue uninterruptedly and without modification for all other users. The user can purchase the product using the "Buy it Now" option at any time when the auction is online, and up to 7 days after the auction closes.
All purchases made under the "Buy it Now" option must be made within 7 days of the auction ending. If the payment does not reach this deadline, the right to purchase and receive the product is canceled and the user will not be entitled to the return of the bets placed in the auction.



Acceptance of winnings - Payment

Once the auction is closed, the winner will find information on the total price, including shipping costs, and payment options.
Once the auction is closed, the winner has 15 days to pay the total price of the product, following the instructions on the site. After confirming the winnings and paying the amount due, the winner will receive a confirmation email. Bidrevenge will ship the product within 21 working days of receiving payment confirmation. The buyer will need to provide a specific delivery address on their account before Bidrevenge ships the product. After Bidrevenge has shipped the product, it will take a few days for it to be delivered to the buyer.
In the event that Bidrevenge is unable to deliver the item within a reasonable time, Bidrevenge has the right to offer the winning user a replacement item with similar or better characteristics. If a win has not been confirmed and paid out within 15 days, the item will be put up for sale and the wagers placed will not be returned.



Unless otherwise indicated, delivery will be made from the warehouse of our suppliers to the address provided by the user. Deliveries are made only in the countries where Bidrevenge operates: United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland - mainland), Italy.
Bidrevenge works with trusted partners to ensure the best possible and far-reaching service, however delivery estimates are indicative and not binding.
- Obvious damage to the object or packaging, resulting from transport, must be promptly reported to the carrier by the recipient user; if the item is damaged it must be rejected.


Credits (Stakes)

The purchased credits are purchased through the stake packages and are multi-purpose vouchers that can be used for different purposes within the Bidrevenge platform :

- As a payment method to directly purchase physical products and gift cards in the Bidrevenge Store catalog - To place bets in auctions and to book auctions on booking.


Product warranties

All products are covered by a legal guarantee of conformity reserved for those who purchase for personal use (articles 128-135 of the Consumer Code).
Any breakdowns or malfunctions caused by accidental events or by user responsibility or by a use of the product not in accordance with its intended use and / or as provided in the technical documentation attached to the product are excluded from the scope of the Legal Guarantee.
Remedies available to the user:
In the event of a lack of conformity duly reported in the terms, the user has the right: to repair or replace the goods free of charge, at his choice.


Payout Limits

Product Auctions

  • Each user has 1 payout limits every 1 days. Once 1 products have been won , it will not be possible to participate in any auction for 30 days from the closing of the same.
  • Each user has winning slots available for product and voucher auctions within 30 days through the purchase of credit packages you can unlock the limit of 5 auctions every 30 days.


Testimony of winnings

Once the user has won an auction of a product, he can testify to his win by making a video and / or a photo. The photo and / or video must be sent to Bidrevenge within days of receiving the product. All users who send a photo and / or a video testimony can be rewarded by Bidrevenge as follows:

  • Users who testify to winning a product auction will receive 100 points and video.
  • Users who testify to winning an auction of a product with a value greater than 300 Euros will receive 200 episodes for the video and 100 for the photo.

The user can make only one testimony for winning the same product. The same purchase vouchers from the same issuer (eg Amazon) are also considered to be the same, even if of different nominal value. Furthermore, it is not possible to testify for the winning of the 400, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 and 2000 stakes auctions as they are not product auctions. By sending this material with consequent credit of episodes, the user expresses the tacit consent to the use of the photos and / or videos for advertising purposes without any recourse option against Bidrevenge and / or the companies connected and responsible for campaigns. advertising.


Prohibition of Collusion

Any type of collusion or team play is strictly prohibited on Bidrevenge Collusion is an offense that occurs when two or more users try to obtain an unfair advantage, to the detriment of another or more users, through a tacit or explicit agreement that modifies the natural conduct of an auction. It is strictly forbidden:

  • Aim in a collective or organized way simulating interest that does not correspond to reality;
  • To intimidate or dissuade another user in any way from taking part and / or continuing to participate in one or more auctions;
  • Disclose your intention to participate in one or more auctions;
  • Disclose information regarding the status of the stake balance and of your own bets used or set in one or more auctions;
  • Participate in the same auction with acquaintances for the purpose of colluding.

Anyone contacted by one or more users for the purpose of colluding is required to report the incident to the Bidrevenge Staff In the event that the staff dedicated to the control should notice that two or more accounts participate in the auctions in COLLUSION, Bidrevenge reserves the right to proceed, at its discretion, by taking the following actions:

  • The offending user's account will be suspended for a period varying between 7 and 30 days or in the most serious cases permanently, without the right to reimburse the residual bets not yet used;
  • The auction won by a violator will be canceled with consequent reimbursement of the bets to the participating users, with the exception of the infringing users;
  • Once the crime of collusion has been ascertained, Bidrevenge LTD reserves the right to proceed legally against the offenders by collaborating with the competent authorities by providing all the necessary information.


How the Reservation Auction Works

Reservation Auctions begin on the date and time indicated in the auction. If you book the entrance to a Reservation Auction when the Product Auction winning limits have not yet been reached, you are entitled to participate in the auction regardless of the subsequent achievement of the winning limits, as the booking date.
To ensure registration for the auction, the user must book it by clicking on the blue "Book Now" button and thus entering the minimum bets required for the booking indicated on the button itself or by clicking on the red "Book Now" button and paying the sum required for the booking indicated on the button itself; after booking, the user will be offered 3 different packs of bets with additional free bets that can be used in the auction itself and can decide which of the three to buy (purchase not mandatory but convenient); bets entered in the auction cannot be refunded. In order for the auction to start, it is necessary to reach the minimum betting target set by Bidrevenge useful for the partial financing of the product by all registered users. If this objective is not achieved by the date indicated, all bets committed in the auction will be automatically returned to their respective users. For those who made the reservation with the payment in cash, a number of bets will be returned equivalent to that required for the booking in bets.
When the auction opens, the registered participants will be visible and if during the auction the bets purchased and inserted are not sufficient to win the auction itself, it will be possible to continue participation with the bets held in your account.
The Reservation Auction works like a Classic Auction for the penny: the auction price starts from 1 Cent, every time someone makes a bet the price increases by 1 Cent and the expiry Timer is reset;


Account closure

From the user: you can close your account at any time by sending notification of your intention.
By Bidrevenge Bidrevenge reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend an account at its sole discretion, if it determines that the user has violated these Terms and Conditions, any laws or the rights of our users or third parties. Examples of unauthorized use include the unauthorized use of games by third parties or the use of offer tracking software, the creation of multiple accounts by the same user, or Bidrevenge 's suspicion of fraudulent activities / behavior referring to a specific account. The user agrees that if Bidrevenge , in good faith and in his sole discretion, establishes that there is a violation of the Terms and Conditions, he may refuse, cancel or suspend any ongoing delivery and / or any refunds for the bids placed during the auction.


Damages - Errors - Limits of liability

Claims for damages by the User against Bidrevenge , its legal representatives, employees or subjects who take care of particular services are not allowed. In particular, Bidrevenge is not responsible for the malfunction of the telephone equipment, the line or the computer / software used by users during the submission of bids in auctions, as well as for the incorrect / slow transmission of data relating to bids via telephone / network / ISP . If such an event occurs, the user will have no legal right on t<