Auction Description

Bid multiplier (number of bids deducted from your account each time you press the bid button)
Price at which the product is available for in the open market
Countdown timer displays the time left to bid on the item .. Resets to another 15 seconds when bid placed is during the 15 second countdown period
Green color indicates that Auction ends today
Product image ( more images are available in the auction detail page )
Minimum price needed for the item to get sold
Current auction price
"Bid now" button allows you to place your bids in auctions

Our steps in more detail

Register on the website
Purchase the bid package
that suits you most
Choose the item
you would like to bid on
Start bidding by clicking on the 'Bid Now' button. The price of every item starts at zero. Every time you place a bid, one bid gets deducted from your account and the item's price increases by one cent
If you're the last bidder when the timer reaches zero, you've won the auction!
You're almost done! All you still have to do is proceed to the checkout page